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If you have decided to apply a temporary tattoo on your body, you may be unsure of what style to choose. Different images may come to mind when 1 thinks of tattoo culture; perhaps a man on a motorcycle with full sleeves of ink, or maybe a teenager with a tiny butterfly on her back. Tattoo culture is universal, it is found in a range of ages, ethnicities, and incomes and it continues to evolve as time goes by. Vanessa Morgan, editor of Australian Ink magazine, says that tattoo culture is growing rapidly in Australia, shifting from taboo to trend (Morgan 10, 33). Tattoos are becoming more commonplace, and possibly are even more visible in the warmer climate of Australia, where less clothing is generally worn. . You're more likely to keep a tattoo if it holds meaning for you than getting it simply because it looks cool or to be popular.

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Its a quality thing that tattoo is not permanent anymore. A great deal like this once empty page - At present tattooed with permanent ink - Tattoos at present permanently - Mark my body - Leading a tattooed revolution - Of artist and poets - Marking events and memories - On when blank canvasses. The master artist will observe when you apply tattoo and provide advice and critiques.

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